A collection made up of hand embroidery, exclusive fabrics, lace, glitter, pearls and transparencies that will highlight your beauty and make you shine by making your dreams come true.

Together we will create a piece tailored to your needs and personality, through which you feel safe and confident of being the happiest on the best day of your life.

I want to invite you, dreamy bride, to dazzle as a team, leave a seal framed between embroidery and shine, and that this ends up being an experience that accompanies us forever.


The inspiration comes from the feeling that the bride transmits to me when she arrives at the atelier, that illusion and the love that radiates. Fairy tales that we will bring to reality, adorned by lace, pearls, crystals, transparencies, glitter and different textures, which we will adjust to their bodies to make them feel unique.

An experience that will accompany us forever.

A proposal that becomes a key part for those brides with a fun personality.


These luxurious dresses represent the meaning of today's bride, where traditional and modern styles are mixed, reflected in the volumes, openings, feathers, and removable pieces that are designed to continue highlighting the beauty of the bride, without neglecting her comfort. and elegance.